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Our Mission

To be the preferred and most trusted resource for products and services that enhances our customers’ success and improves the well-being of all Kilop affiliates.

We enable our customers to create exceptional products through world class knowledge, service and guidance. Through that commitment, we offer the opportunity of a successful business environment to Kilop stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we work.



For over a quarter of a century, Kilop USA, Inc has effectively sourced high quality fibers, filaments and resins in the nonwovens and textiles industries. We have expert knowledge of the entire supply chain and manufacturing processes. We work in a confidential, collaborative way to find the best solutions for you.

Sourcing raw materials can be a challenging task, and Kilop has the experience and expertise to get you exactly what you need. For 30 years, we’ve sourced high-quality nonwoven and textile fibers, filaments and resins for a wide range of customers, from Fortune 100 companies to startups in a range of industries. We've also supported a variety of R&D efforts for new and innovative products on every scale. We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to provide solutions that work best for all your needs.

What was started in 1988 from a customer’s request has evolved into a highly efficient team of experts whose goal it is to fulfill our customers’ global nonwovens supply needs.

The late Heinz Chen and his wife and current President Christine Chen founded Kilop USA in 1988 based on their supply chain expertise in sourcing quality staple fiber, yarn and fabric raw materials, as well as their passion for customer service.

In the early 2000’s, Kilop took the initiative to venture outside of the traditional textiles industry by adding product lines based on advancements in nonwovens technologies. Our team has worked hard to stay current in new innovations and add a diverse range of products to meet a wide spectrum of nonwovens needs.

Under Christine’s leadership, Kilop has maintained a strong foundation of caring, trust and professionalism with our customers. We consistently seek to improve the well-being of all Kilop affiliates, and we have maintained this as a core value that drives all our customer relationships.

Kilop Staff

Our team has over 100 years of collective experience in raw material sourcing, consulting, procurement, manufacturing, converting and the development of new products. We have in-depth industry knowledge necessary to navigate every aspect of the supply chain; from guiding research and development of new technologies to the logistics of commercial-level shipping and supply. This experience covers (but is not limited to) carding, needlepunching, spunbonding, spunlacing, film coating, spinning and converting technologies.

Please contact us to discuss how Kilop can assist you and your customers in growing your business.

Christine Chen Kilop's President and Co-Founder

Christine Chen
Kilop's President and Co-Founder

James L. Schaeffer Senior Vice President, Sales and New Business Development

James L. Schaeffer
Senior Vice President, Sales and New Business Development

Kristin Bailey Vice President, Operations

Kristin Bailey
Vice President, Operations